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Chrissie and Elizabeth

Chrissie and Elizabeth

Elizabeth was studying business when she got an internship with National Life Group and was in need of affordable housing. “What surprised me most about home sharing was how quickly Chrissie and I both bonded. With only having the experience of living with college students in the past, I really didn’t know what to expect—but I could not have asked for a better situation.” Chrissie is a retired attorney who decided to open her Barre Town home as a way to get support with daily chores and off-set medical costs after being disabled by Lyme Disease.

Chrissie found Home Share Now’s matching process to be very thoughtful and considerate. “It was delightful to essentially become part of Elizabeth’s family.” Furthermore, Chrissie feels valued that she can enhance another person’s life, even as she heals from significant illness. “Chrissie and I have had so much fun, whether it has been cooking, painting, dancing (well, Chrissie dancing and me laughing), or watching TV, we both have been able to learn from each other.”  Both women agree that a long-term friendship has been established and, in Elizabeth’s words, it will last a lifetime.

Home Share Now News

Join Us For Rock City

May 2, 2019
The rock and soul chorus Rock City is holding a concert to benefit Home Share Now! The event will be held at the Barre Elks Lodge, 21 Jefferson Street, and all door proceeds will go to Home Share Now.   

Oliver Kelley Appointed to Home Share Now Board

April 24, 2019
  Community advocate Oliver Kelley has been appointed to the Home Share Now Board of Directors. Home Share Now creates mutually beneficial and affordable home sharing arrangements in Central Vermont.…
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