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Janis and Dorothy

Janis and Dorothy

Matches can also include cats, dogs, goats, pigs, chickens, and in the case of Janis, cows and a border collie! For just shy of five years, Janis helped Dorothy live the rural life she was accustomed to sharing with her husband, David, prior to his death.

Two years into the match, Janis built a chicken coop and introduced chickens and ducks back onto the farm, bringing joy to Dorothy to watch the hens walk around and eat bugs and to have the ducks come to the kitchen window to visit.

The two started growing an incredible garden which filled the freezer and they ate good vegetables and soups all winter-long. 

Dorothy self-published a book of stories from all her years in Wells River and Janis pitched in where needed, taking many of the photographs in “The Cow Pasture Golf Course”. At age 98, Dorothy passed away after Home Share Now helped fulfill her wish to spend her last few years in the comfort of home.

Janis wrote, “The work Home Share Now does impacts so many, with so many unseen benefits to all. Thank you for the dedication of your organization.”

Home sharing maintains the Vermont way of life--what’s not to love?

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