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Jeremy and Lee

Jeremy and Lee

In addition to bringing folks through the matching process from start to finish, Home Share Now offers stand-alone agreements where people can pick-and-choose from our services depending on their needs. Jeremy and his family found Lee via Front Porch Forum to share Jeremy’s apartment but wanted the assurance of Home Share Now’s screening and agreement writing services.

In a conversation with Jeremy he shared that home sharing is good for fostering mutual respect and a sharing mentality and is helping him be a better problem solver. Lee helps Jeremy create daily structure around chores, meals, sleep routines, and exercise.

In addition to providing daily support, Lee is certainly enriching Jeremy’s life — for example, she guides Jeremy through a guided meditation that he finds relaxing. background as a coach and caregiver and her cooking skills make her well-suited for this particular home share. Lee says, this is “a match made in heaven.”

Both agree there is a special, unspoken connection and together they have cultivated a very unique rapport. For fun they go to the movies, out to dinner, attend the local music series, or spend time just being silly together.

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