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Lois and Mary

Lois and Mary

As a single lady in her 60's who in recent years has gained weight and dealt with some new physical challenges, Lois realized that she couldn't stay in her home without some help. And then she found Home Share Now.

Our staff met Lois in her home, made some suggested improvements to the space, and learned that she was looking for help with things like housekeeping, the pellet stove, weeding, companionship, and a share in the cooking. We also learned that Lois is quite the knitter! After a thorough interview, Home Share Now went to work looking for a good live-in companion. 

Mary, on the other hand, came to Home Share Now as a way to find affordable housing in close proximity to work as a National Park Ranger in Woodstock. Mary, an experienced home sharer, also has a love of fiber...for example re-purposing old wool sweaters into hats. Crafty! Mary was interested in offering house keeping, cooking, and gardening in exchange for her housing.

You can see where this is going...these two are a great pair!

Lois says, "Having the additional help around the house has been great. Mary has helped with painting projects, organizing, and some lifting. She also brought her kitty with her just when I had to put mine down -- it has been wonderful having Emmy the cat here. With Home Share Now I feel secure that I will be able to stay in the home I love with its privacy, good location, and my bird feeding station. This is a wonderful program that can help solve so many housing problems for so many."

Home Share Now News

Join Us For Rock City

May 2, 2019
The rock and soul chorus Rock City is holding a concert to benefit Home Share Now! The event will be held at the Barre Elks Lodge, 21 Jefferson Street, and all door proceeds will go to Home Share Now.   

Oliver Kelley Appointed to Home Share Now Board

April 24, 2019
  Community advocate Oliver Kelley has been appointed to the Home Share Now Board of Directors. Home Share Now creates mutually beneficial and affordable home sharing arrangements in Central Vermont.…
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