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Marsha and Barbara

Marsha and Barbara

Marsha had decided she was done being a home owner but enjoys the community she’s built since moving to Vermont in the late 90’s. Home sharing was her solution to downsizing but to also stay an active member of the Middlesex/Worcester fabric and the roads she’d grown to love running. Barbara, meanwhile, was looking for someone to pay a little rent, help around the house, and help keep an eye on things. In 2014 these two women (and their dogs!) started a trial match…and the rest is history.

Together they attend concerts and theatrical events, socialize with their many mutual friends, share each other’s dogs, and enjoy conversations ranging from good books to politics. Barbara cooks dinner and Marsha cleans up. Both agree that home sharing has helped their finances.

Marsha has learned that it is very possible for two people who didn’t know each other well initially to get along just fine, especially when both people are committed to the process. Barbara appreciates the detailed agreement that Home Share Now facilitated and the follow up support that’s provided.

The take-away? Open communication and respect are key!

Home Share Now News

Join Us For Rock City

May 2, 2019
The rock and soul chorus Rock City is holding a concert to benefit Home Share Now! The event will be held at the Barre Elks Lodge, 21 Jefferson Street, and all door proceeds will go to Home Share Now.   

Oliver Kelley Appointed to Home Share Now Board

April 24, 2019
  Community advocate Oliver Kelley has been appointed to the Home Share Now Board of Directors. Home Share Now creates mutually beneficial and affordable home sharing arrangements in Central Vermont.…
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