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Norma and Barbara

Norma and Barbara

Norma, a well-known face in East Montpelier, came to us at age 85 at the suggestion of her aunt who’d had a positive experience herself. Now at 93, we consider Norma a home sharing pro after four successive matches, the first being in 2008. Her current match celebrated its fifth anniversary this past summer.

Barbara came to Home Share Now as a housing strategy that would allow her to take a “temporary” position with the State of Vermont.  Five years later and she is looking for property in the area. Barbara says, “Home Share Now allowed me to live in a totally new town with a totally new job, and feel immediately at home. Norma and I share so many common interests — we’ve become family. Home share has been a big part of my success here.”

Norma says, “Home Share Now has helped many people find a home where they could be happy. For me, having Barbara here makes me very comfortable and my family is happy, they have complete confidence in my safety and happiness.”

"Barbara is really good at cleaning the fridge, she gets down on her hands and knees and everything," says Norma. Barbara likes coming home from work and talking about her day, because Norma is "a really great listener — she’s like a mother to me, one that is eager to find out how I’m doing.”

Norma says, “my deep feeling is that to be successful in a home share, each person needs to accept the other in this new life of sharing.” We couldn’t have said it any better. Congratulations on five+ years of friendship!

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