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Renate and Christa

Renate and Christa

“I've always lived alone but these last few years have been hard—being alone made everything worse” says Renate, who turns 86 in February. Renate opened her home to Christa—a law fellow—expecting household help and conversation, but found so much more. Likewise, Christa gained something beyond the unbeatable price of her room: “I love that we can be friends and give each other a hug at the end of the day but stay very independent.”

“It is really beautiful, our match; I haven’t had this in a long time. And then there is the dog, Wilson. He reminds me every minute of the dog Kahlua I used to have. Even though I’m unable to own a dog, I can care for Wilson by letting him out when Christa is at work.”

Renate is an artist, with a rich interior life despite the chronic pain that has kept her from her work—copper etching, sculpture, and ceramics. A motto she lives by is “no anger—no fear—no hate—no jealousy” and she was looking for a person who shares her ideals. In Christa, she found such a person. Renate said she loved Christa—her handshake; the way she looked into her eyes when saying goodbye—from the first moment they met.

“I love that people are being interviewed and the whole process is very good. Home Share Now requires a two-week trial but right away Christa and I knew that it was a good match.” Christa appreciated that they both got the “chance to express their concerns and have them addressed in a thoughtful manner. It is a great way for someone to feel safe bringing a stranger into their home. The Home Share Now process is fantastic.”

When we checked back with her after the match had started, Renate had nothing but good things to say. “When Christa comes home in the evening, we talk—and then she wishes me sweet dreams. I sleep better with Christa here.”

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