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Staff and AmeriCorps

Aaron Guman, Program Manager

When Aaron and his partner first moved to Vermont five years ago, they found their first housing through Home Share Now. More than a warm place to stay for the first winter, they found a generous welcome to the Green Mountains from their Home Provider. Aaron is excited to make housing matches and do outreach in the community to find new participants. When not supporting the work of Home Share Now, Aaron runs his own business designing and installing edible, ecological landscapes and raising rotationally grazed grass-fed and finished beef.


Our beautiful team of volunteers take on everything from addressing envelopes to posting on Front Porch Forum to standing up on our behalf at Town Meeting.

If you are interested in joining the crew, call Tom at 802-479-8549.

Maxine Adams

Laura Arnesen

Lori Belding

Barbara Buckley

Kara Casey

Fred Cheyette

Ruth Coppersmith

Amy Donald

Gail Falk

Joanne Fitzgerald

Paul Fixx

Patsy French

Tricia Follert

Marie Frohlich

Lisa Frost

Candace Fugazy

Dave Grundy

Renee Grzankowski

Martin Hahn

Dawn Hancy

John Hogan

Jay Hulzer

Guy Isabelle

Pauli Knapp

Karen Lauzon

Christine Lilyquist

Pat MacDonald

Katharina Mack

Chris & Andy MacLean

Pat Maza

Bob Meany

Carole Meyers

Julie Moore

Amy & Dan Noyes

Steven Pappas

Lisa Pinkus

Fred Pond

Zoe Poster

Lisa Potter

Norma Raymond

Pam Read

Betty Reid

Dee Rollins

Joshua Schwartz

Judy Stabolepsky

Beth Stern

Asa Twombly

Stephanie Venema

Angela Zaikowski


Home Share Now News

Transition Home Share Now and HomeShare Vermont Unite into One Homesharing Organization

October 8, 2019
Home Share Now and HomeShare Vermont Unite into One Homesharing Organization For over 16 years, homesharing services have been provided to Vermonters by two small and independent non-profit organizations,…
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