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You Can't Go Wrong With a Two-week Trial!

December 08, 2017
You Can't Go Wrong With a Two-week Trial!





You Can't Go Wrong With a Two-week Trial!
It isn't uncommon for us to get a phone call from a person interested in home sharing but with concerns about finding the right match. Home Share Now has a process for that! After a Home Seeker and Home Provider decide they are interested in living together, we require a two-week trial to try it on for size. 

At the start of the trial period, Home Share Now's Mediator will facilitate a conversation and help all the folks involved write a trial agreement—this sets shared expectations right from the start which minimizes surprises. When the Home Seeker arrives for the trial, they only bring a suitcase. Home Share Now makes sure that both the Home Provider and the Home Seeker have a "plan B" just in case.

And what happens if a trial match doesn't proceed to a final match? Our staff will roll up their sleeves and try again. Simple as that. Do you still have questions about our process? Be in touch!